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The Ascent

I had the pleasure of working on The Ascent, the latest comic for League of Legends. You can view it here:

I was responsible for the initial style spike, pitch art, some concepts, final layouts, outsourcing & internal artist management, most of the backgrounds, about half the character art, and final polish. Included here are some of the pages where my work is more clearly visible.

BIG shout out to Jason for his helping get this out the door.

The breakdown is as follows:
*Style development by me
*Concept art by me and Jason Chan (mostly Jason).
*Layout by myself, Dan Norton, and Spacegoat
*Color layouts by myself and Moby Franke.
*First Pass (and some final) backgrounds by Section Studios
*Most final backgrounds by myself
*Final characters split by me and Jason Chan
*Final polish by me

Two pages were cut because of script changes, which is sad because the art was some of my favorite. But that's life!

Mitchell malloy promo taric comic cover web


Mitchell malloy promo taric comic p14 web

Final page

Mitchell malloy promo taric comic p05

One of the pages I handled almost all of the final art in

Mitchell malloy promo taric comic p02

Jason Chan painted Taric in this page, I handled colors, bg, and final polish

Mitchell malloy promo taric ghostsample web

"Ghost" Concept